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Published on April 17th, 2017 | by Joe Scott

Doctors Are Using This Wearable Device To Treat Brain Cancer

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Optune is a portable, battery-operated medical device that connects to the scalp. It is comprised of two main components An electric field generator and Four INE insulated transducer arrays.

Optune creates an electric field around the tumor to disrupt the growth and reproduction of cancer cells in the brain.

This device provides a noninvasive option for patients with a recurrence of GBM for whom treatments like surgery, radiation or cancer drug therapy didn’t work.

The TTFields have been shown to have little effect on normal adult brain cells. And, since the TTFields are only applied to the brain, they do not affect rapidly multiplying cells in the rest of the body.

The most commonly reported side effect from Optune is a mild-to-moderate scalp rash (beneath the electrodes).

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