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Published on May 10th, 2017 | by Joe Scott

Japan Created A Portable Tracker For Patients Suffering From Dementia

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Japan’s rapidly aging society is spurring technological innovation, including the use of a tracking system designed to help families and nursing facilities locate people suffering from dementia when they lose their way or go missing.

With the help of a smartphone app, thumb-size portable electronic devices developed by Sohgo Security Services.

Popularly known as ALSOK, this can be placed in pockets, wallets or attached to shoes are expected to help quickly find dementia sufferers who go missing.


The system works using Bluetooth wireless technology — the standard for exchanging data over short distances.

It might be difficult for a person with dementia to wander in the streets, but if the person is carrying the gadget and passes a volunteer who has downloaded the free app, the positioning data of the person who has gone missing are automatically sent and stored on ALSOK’s computer servers.

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