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Published on May 11th, 2017 | by Joe Scott

SpaceX just Released a Video of its Huge Falcon Heavy Rocket

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SpaceX has been teasing rocket fanatics with the Falcon Heavy booster launch this decade. They said it was going to fly in 2014, then on 2015, and so on. However now SpaceX seemed to have done it, and have taken a significant step by conducting the first static fire test of the rocket’s critical center core, it was successful.


SpaceX has been explained the delays by saying that the development of Falcon Heavy is difficult. The company had to redesign the center core and it’s hardware for the upcoming flight. They then used two Falcon 9 cores as side boosters around the center core in the test.

SpaceX still has big plans for the Falcon Heavy, and they said that it could send a pair of space tourists on the flight around the moon by next year. They also are planning to begin sending unmanned spacecraft to Mars by 2020. Both of these missions require the Falcon heavy to fly successfully and this seems very likely to happen because of this success.

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