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Published on November 13th, 2017 | by Joe Scott

This At-Home Device Can Tell Your Vision Easily

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The EyeQue Insight is a professional-grade visual acuity screener that determines whether someone is seeing 20/20 or less (AKA 6 over 6 around the world) within minutes.

Combined with the myEyeQue VA app, the goggles attach to your smartphone to reveal what is considered an industry standard for vision testing, a “tumbling E eye chart”, and virtualizes 20 feet/6 meters distance to ensure accuracy time after time.

The self-administered test is super EASY (just swipe in the direction of the “E”) and FAST (under 3 minutes for right eye, left eye, AND both eyes), the randomized and gamified experience ensures that everyone stays engaged.

Test results are instantly stored in the EyeQue Cloud™ to help you keep track of vision changes over time.

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